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Keep track of your friends, family, vehicles by GPS
BlackBerry Pearl 8110
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The BlackBerry phone family offer many features for business and personal use. Depending on your requirement, the BlackBerry can be used to access work emails, become a reminder service or just act as a basic calling and SMS phone.

Although many BlackBerry phones have GPS tracking facilities, they often need some sort of software to use that capability and transform it into an active tracking facility. With the BigBrotherMe software you can utilize the full functionality of your GPS facility and turn the BlackBerry phone into a 24/7 tracking device.

How does it work on my BlackBerry?

The BigBrotherMe GPS software for the BlackBerry runs completely anonymously on your phone making it ideal for those who don't want the hassle of having to micro-manage their GPS tracking. There is no Graphical interface (GUI) or application icon and the software starts immediately your phone loads. There's nothing more you need to do once installed. It's basically like having a windows service on your mobile phone!

All configuration of the GPS location transmit rate and phone configuration is done via GPRS using your web account.

Completely anonymous and hassle free, this is an ideal choice for those wanting 24/7 GPS tracking on the BlackBerry.

Choosing the correct software

Depending on your BlackBerry service plan with your phone provider you will need to choose from one of the options below.

How to install the software onto my BlackBerry

There are a number of ways to get the BigBrotherMe software onto your BlackBerry.

Using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager

If you have not already installed the Desktop Manager you can download it from the BlackBerry downloads website. Please make sure you select the correct version of the Desktop Manager for your phone. Our approved version is BlackBerry Desktop software v4.7

You must have an installed version of Desktop Manager before proceeding.

  1. Download the appropiate BigBrotherMe software from the download above and save it to an accessible location on your computer. Unzip the contents. You should have 3 files called BBMeBB.alx, BBMeBB.cod and BBMeBB.jad.
  2. Make sure the BlackBerry Desktop Manager is not running. Plug your BlackBerry into your computer. Do not turn on Mass Storage if prompted.
  3. Start the Desktop Manager. You should see it checking for installed applications. Do not do anything during this stage unless prompted (typically just ignore these when installing the BBMe firmware). Once loaded you might see something like below. (Desktop manager v4.7).
    Desktop manager load page
  4. Click on the Application loader link (top left option). This takes you to a screen with an Add/Remove applications option. Click the start button below this option. This will load the installed application list from your BlackBerry.
  5. Once the application list is populated click the Browse button and navigate to the folder you extracted the downloaded BigBrotherMe firmware to. In this folder select the BBMeBB.alx file that you downloaded in step 1.
  6. The application list should now contain an entry for BigBrotherMe GPS and the wording Install in the action column. Make sure it has a tick next to it and then click the Next button to proceed.
  7. You will be presented with an install preview screen that should list BigBrotherMe GPS as an application to be installed. Click Finish to begin the installation. Once completed close the BlackBerry desktop manager disconnect your phone from the computer.

    If a message appears saying something like Would you like to grant BigBrotherMe GPS Trusted Applicatin status, click Allow.
  8. Configuring your phone

    1. Ensure GPS is turned on by going to the menu on your phone and navigating to Settings - Advanced options - GPS and ensuring location ON is set and not Location OFF.

      ** The menu button is the button to the left of the middle nibble. It has the BlackBerry logo on it.
    2. Data services must be turned on. Do this by going to Settings - Mobile network and ensuring they are on.
    3. The BigBrotherMe application needs to have access to GPRS and SMS functionality. If you are prompted with a popup that asks to allow the BBMeBB application access to functionality, always click allow.

      If no popup appears you can set this access by clicking the menu button on the phone and going to Settings - Advanced options - Applications. The BigBrotherMe GPS application should appear in this list. Highlight the option and click the menu button - Edit permissions.

      Ensure that allow is set for all options Connections, Interactions and UserData.

    4. Now you need to enter in your network providers APN if you do not already have an internet access plan. This is done by going to Settings - Advanced options - TCP and entering in the details as provided by your network operator. For example the Vodafone NZ details would be:

      You would leave the username and password empty.
  9. The application is now loaded onto your device. The phone now needs to be registered with the BigBrotherMe website. To do this log into your account and click on the My Account link from the top menu. This your main account information screen. From here you can click to edit account details or register new devices. Click the Register new device link located on this page.

    The imei information be found on the BlackBerry by going to Settings - Status. The information you want is the IMEI but without any dots. For example if you phone says something like 357564.02.111111.7. In the website registration for IMEI you would enter 357564021111117. The IMEI number is a bit like a vehicle VIN and is unique to the phone itself allowing the website to identify you on the system.

    The IMEI should always be 16 characters.

  10. Now restart your phone and make sure it is outside with direct access to the sky. Once restarted it may take a couple of minutes for the software to register a GPS satelitte.

Using Windows file explorer (requires memory card)

** You phone must have a installed memory card for this method to work.
  1. Download the appropiate BigBrotherMe firware from the download above and save it to an accessible location on your computer. Unzip the contents. You should have 3 files called BBMeBB.alx, BBMeBB.cod and BBMeBB.jad.
  2. Plug your BlackBerry into your computer. When asked to enable mass storage click yes.
  3. Open up My computer on you pc. You should notice a new network drive called something like blackberry. This is your memory card installed onto your phone. Click onto this drive and navigate to a location in there where know how to access via your phone explorer. Copy all 3 BBMeBB files (.alx,.cod,.jad) to this location.
  4. Safely disconnect the BlackBerry from your pc.
  5. Click the menu button on your phone. Open Media Gallery and click the menu button again. This will bring up a list of options. You need to select the Explore option. From here navigate to where you stored the BigBrotherMe software under your Media card/BlackBerry option. It will normally be under documents.
  6. Once found click on the BBMeBB.jad file to install. Click Always allow if prompted when asking for access to phone functionality.
  7. The software is now installed. You need to ensure your phone is configured to enable communication with the webserver (if not done so already) by following the steps outlined in Configuring your phone.

Loading via your phone web browser (service books required)

The files can be installed by navigating to our online repositry. The BlackBerry may install the application automatically. Please note that this method has not been approved. If you have any problems please contact us and we will be more than willing to work through it with you.

Using your phone web browser navigate to:

Some versions of the BlackBerry require service book entries to download. If this is the case consider using the Desktop Manager approach above to install the BigBrotherMe software.

You now need to configure you phone to ensure it can connect to the webserver. Follow the instructions on Configuring your phone to do this.