BigBrotherMe phone tracking
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Registering your mobile phone

GPS tracking for your mobile phone is easy with BigBrotherMe software. Just a simple three step process and you can have 24 hour tracking for absolutely free.

Step 1. Create an FREE account with BigBrotherMe
Step 2. Register your mobile phone on the website
Step 3. Install the appropriate BigBrotherMe software onto your phone from our list of compatible versions.

Thats all there is to it. Please note though. If you install the software and DO NOT register the device on your account BigBrotherMe will lock that phones tracking and you may not be able to register it later on. If you notice this has occured please contact us and we can get it unlocked immediately so that you can access the GPS coordinates and start tracking.

If you have any questions about registering or tracking your phone feel free to email us. Thank you and happy tracking.

BigBrotherMe Team

Posted on: 2010-09-19

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